Okay, so this is exciting......I'm so happy to be discussing the possibility of a custom piece with you.  

Here is the rundown:

First, we can discuss what your looking for & your expectations.  I want to know if you have a subject or theme in mind & if this is for you personally or a gift.  It's important for me to understand the desire, the emotion behind the piece.  I'll ask you to provide answers to the list of questions below about the piece & provide some imagery & color feedback.  I can then tell you more about my process & we can decide if your expectations & my skills intersect so we can then move forward.  

It is important for you to understand that my work will be similar to previous works as this is my "style" and I will do my best to provide you with the vision you have within those parameters. 

Commission Checklist:

  1. What size unframed piece are you hoping for?
  2. Provide any specific inspirational images, colors & designs you want.
  3. Describe the mood for the piece:  Happy, Serene, Brooding, Hopeful, Melancholy (use whatever words you want). 
  4. List 2 colors you want included & 2 you do not want included.
  5. Do you already have a frame in mind that I need to consider? If so, what size is the frame opening?
  6. Is there anything else that you want me to know?

Commission Particulars:

  1. Pricing is based on size & scope of the piece.  I can provide you with pricing after the Checklist is complete & we have finalized our initial communication phase.
  2. I require a 50% non-refundable deposit prior to starting on the piece.  Once this is paid, I will then schedule it on my calendar & give you a date of completion.
  3. I need 3-6 weeks* to purchase & prepare supplies & materials & complete the piece.  *This does not include additional time required for shipping/delivery.
  4. I will provide you with a color scheme for your approval prior to starting the piece.  Prompt responses will allow the schedule to remain on track.
  5. I do not provide framing on commissions but can offer suggestions on style + methods.
  6. Final 50% payment is due prior to delivery.
  7. Sales tax will be charged when applicable.
  8. Shipping/delivery fees will be billed separately.
  9. Since this is a custom piece, all sales are final.

Please email the Commission Checklist answers to me at:

Once we have decided to work together, I will provide you a Commission Contract to sign that includes the above information along with an invoice for your initial payment. 

    I can't wait to get started!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!