About Me

Hey Y'all!  I'm so glad you found your way here.  
(If you knew me personally, you would know, right now, I'd be giving you a smile + a hug!) I'm guessing you may want to know a little more about who i am + what i do so, here goes...  
My name is Michelle Owenby.  I am a child of God. Lover of the stars + the seas. A Southerner. A daughter. A student of all that intrigues me. A friend. A lover. A wife. A mother. A traveler. A singer of songs.  A live music devotee.  A seeker of truth + knowledge. A designer + artist.    
I live in coastal South Carolina on Sullivans Island (some people call it "Mayberry By The Sea") with my beloved husband, 2 growing + lovable boys + our lazy yellow lab, Yeti.  I work out of our home where I find (sometimes) peaceful + (always) joyful inspiration.  
Since I was a little girl growing up in Asheville, NC, things have always been a feast for my eyes; everything looked like art to me.  Colors, shapes, patterns, nature, architecture.  I constantly drive my family crazy with, "Oh my gosh, look at this, look at that, look how pretty!!"    
My mother had a huge influence on my perception of beauty; she was always refining things, organizing, creating, beautifying everything from the flowers in our yard to the clothes in her closet.  She taught me how to use my imagination + my hands to create beautiful, artful things.  This "maker" heritage comes from our deep Cherokee roots.  My dad was an avid outdoorsman + since i was his only little boy (wink), I was often along for his adventures.  my love of nature + the ever-present beauty of our world is deeply-rooted in him + our North Carolina heritage.  
As long as I can remember, I've loved collecting + using markers, colored pencils, pens, paints, stamps, decorative paper, journals, books, magazines; all the things that bring artful inspiration.  And a project, wow, how I love a project!! It took years for me to allow myself the indulgence of chasing my love of those things.  I had no idea how deeply all of that resonated inside of me + how much happiness + peacefulness it would bring.  
A recent trip to Sedona really brought this to the surface again; it awakened that part of me that had been lulled to sleep + I am so grateful I had the chance to experience that creative + spiritual revelation.  It is a time I will never forget + I strive daily to nourish that part of me.  
My hope is that I can put, just a smidgen of, the kind of beauty that I have always enjoyed back out into this world.  I hope it can bring a smile, soothe a heart, evoke an emotion, open an eye to the beauty that is everywhere, around us all, if we just squint our eyes a tiny bit.


As an artist called to live out The Great Commission by The Supreme Maker + someone who is seeking a simple + significantly illuminated life, I am compelled + honored to cheerfully give 20% of all profits to causes that have captured my heart.
I believe in putting love into action.  When our inner + outer lives harmonize with God to produce joy, serenity + enhanced vitality, that radiates out in kindness, compassion, charity + generosity. 
It is my hope that I may, somehow, transform someone's life or circumstances to either reveal or remind them of their significance in Christ.