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I have this Love-Hate relationship with Fall (for those of you reading this who don't live in the Lowcountry, we only have two real seasons here:  Summer & Fall).  Fall truly is my favorite time of year.  I love it because I'm usually ready for the blazing, stagnant humidity of Summer to be over.  I love it because football starts and I can pull out my denim (my permanent uniform) and then, my birthday is in the Fall followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas; who doesn't love a celebration!?!  I also love it because school starts and I, oddly enough, love a schedule and always loved school!  It's this interesting time when new beginnings are taking shape and endings are simultaneously happening, reminding us that nothing ever stays the same.  This brings me to the hate portion:  the sun starts leaving us earlier each day, the beautiful green marsh grass goes dormant and the leaves flurry from the trees. It's a signal, a craving for a good book, an easy chair & patience for the next change. A time for reflection and giving thanks. 


While I tend to be inside more often in the Fall, it allows me more time for nesting and getting my household in order and making things cozy and welcoming.  I love this chance to clean and purge and make way for only the things that bring me joy and comfort.  This state of mind brought me inspiration for my most recent collection.  I decided to call it "Making Space".  For me, "making space" is usually about getting things in order, planning and scheduling.  It means blocking off time for things that matter most and that takes prioritizing them in our lives and putting them in their places, so to speak.  We all have to do the obligatory stuff: work, school, appointments, etc. but I always try to make space for spiritual growth, my marriage, my kids, my friends, sports, travel and, of course, my art.  I hope you can see and feel that energy when you view this new series and perhaps it will inspire you into "Making Space" for the things you hold dear!

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